Our Ancestors

Our Ancestors -  from Harford County,  Poland, Spartanburg and Back

In 2005 I started to look through my mothers family records and I decided that I would apply for membership to the SAR so that my son David would have a legacy.  I began working with Mr. Timothy Ward of the Ohio SAR and enlisted the help of  the author Henry C. Peden at the Harford County Historical Society.  With their help I was able to map my mother's ancestors and find eight patriot ancestors.  Then Frank Patnaude called me out of the blue and helped me greatly with the. Phillips line.  There were still some wives that were lone twigs on the tree.  Another distant relative, Kathleen, gave me the hint that there was a family bible called the "Ailes-Phillips" bible.  With this to go on Mr. Peden made me a copy of a report about the bible.  I was able to track the owner Mary in Bel Air, Maryland.  Mary was kind enough to allow me to photograph the bible and on the cover page was a reference to the Grandmother Swayne.  This began my research into my Quaker ancestors.  With the help of Mr. James E. Hazard of the Friends Library I was able to fill in much of the Quaker connection.

After spending quality time coercing my relatives I was able to finally make contact with a distant cousin Jan Szeliga in Poland.  He invested his time working with the church in Poland to find my Father's line.

In 2007 I thought that perhaps I could fill in my ex-wife Terri's family tree for my son.  We had a few branches from her family but not much to go on.  My work with Terri's family lead me to find the genealogist Dr. James Reid of The Piedmont Historical Society as well as his old friends and my new friends Lou, Betty Jean, Billy Joe, and others of Spartanburg. With this help we were able to track down quite a few of my wife's Spartanburg clan.  We also were able to identify two patriot ancestors so that Terri can be a member of the Ohio DAR with the help or our friend Ms. Ruth Scates.

This site has two purposes.  First, to thank all of the people who have helped me to learn about our ancestors (They are in chronological order of our meeting). Second to help others who are working to learn about their ancestors.

If you are working on an NSDAR or NSSAR application please let me know.  I will do my best to help you with the source data that I have available as well as record copies that I have on file.

If you see errors or have additional information please let me know.  I do not quote sources for brevity but most of the information is backed by documentation. 

Ted Zajac, Jr.

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